Shamayun Miah has been in senior consulting leadership for over 20 years. He has helped clients reinvent their business through AI, cloud, automation, and new business models. 

“Leadership, particularly senior leadership, must change and adapt to the ever-changing context in which we now find ourselves,” says Shamayun Miah. Clients are no longer defined or classified by their physical location; instead, they have access to information at all times.

According to Shamayun Miah, consulting leaders need to build eight leadership attributes to evolve in a post-Covid world:

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  • It is necessary to deal with the good, the bad.

Leadership are becoming increasingly important in balancing opposing stakeholder interests. Shareholders, top management, and direct reports are all putting pressure. Although this has always been the case, leadership skills and attributes has been become even more  important part of an organisation.

  • Leaders must be laser-focused.

Leaders taking accountability for their teams’ outcomes have become standard in the post-Covid era. Leaders must grasp what is necessary and have a clear vision to motivate their staff to achieve those objectives. Leaders of consulting firms must concentrate on what they want their teams to accomplish.

  • Excellent procedural and management abilities.

In a post-Covid context, leaders must use robust process and procedures with their teams. Leaders today frequently fail to see the bigger picture and fall into the trap of micromanagement. This method fails to provide consultant teams with the flexibility to be most effective.

  • Leaders must support their teams. 

According to Shamayun Miah, leaders must assist their teams. He believes that leaders need to demonstrate more empathy and flexibility. Providing the appropriate tools, technology, emptional support and assistance from other departments to help alleviate stress. 

  • Leaders must be Visible.

Leaders must be at the forefront supporting their people and activities. To be visible means to be approachable and accessible. That is becoming increasingly crucial as the number of stakeholders grows due to digital disruption.

  • Leaders must listen and be open.

Leaders need to be open minded and be prepared to be challenged. Leaders need to be surrounded by individuals who are prepared to push them in new directions and question them. Being receptive to new ideas can also assist leaders in collaborating with their teams to innovate. 

  • Leaders must be Innovative.

Organizations will differentiate themselves in a post-Covid environment via innovation and digitalisation. To stay ahead of the competition, leaders must bring innovation. Innovation may come from anywhere, either inside your present workforce or through the hire of new staff or outside in thinking.

  • Leaders must establish vision and direction.

Leaders must demonstrate more empathy, compassion, and understanding to foster trust and create an atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and flourish. A firm cannot afford to be without effective leadership. Giving direction and having a sold vision is the last quality that leaders must possess in the post-Covid era.