Shamayun Miah has worked in the technology consulting industry as a senior executive. He spoke on various topics, including sustainability, diversity, leadership, and digital transformation. 

Digital transformation is an essential part of business strategy to stay ahead of the competition. It’s about rethinking corporate processes, changing company culture, developing people, and engaging the community to take on new challenges at an unparalleled pace in today’s world.

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Additionally, Shamayun Miah pointed out that every person on the planet has a role to play in ensuring the planet’s long-term viability. In the new normal, businesses can implement changes that will help them become more successful while also benefiting society and the community. 

Cloud computing, automation, artificial intelligence, and data, according to Shamayun, give a significant opportunity for firms of all sizes, small and medium, to accelerate their business growth. 

Moreover, he claims that diversity allows you to improve your company’s ability to innovate and respond to market conditions. Throughout the conversation, Shamayun Miah was highly motivating and provided good market insights. 

Here’s a little glimpse at what we talked about:

How are digital, AI, Automation, Cloud, and Data affecting industries? Since the Covid-19 epidemic, what has changed?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed. As a result, businesses have been more aware than ever of the value of hybrid working, communication, and online connection with their customers and emploees. According to a recent poll, the pandemic has accelerated the uptake of digital technology.

According to Shamayun Miah, the new norm needs new digital technology and a new operating model.

Looking at technology beyond a cost-cutting tool, but a differentiator, and, ultimately, a new way of working. Whether it’s about securing the workplace environment or systems, data security has been a concern for CEOs. Throughout the pandemic crisis, buying patterns have evolved significantly toward online platforms, the web, smartphones, and mobile apps.

Innovative businesses and industries have responded by making online channels an integral part of their strategy. The retail sector, predominantly brick and mortar, was already challenged due to new, born in the cloud retailers before the epidemic. Covid-19 has accelerated traditional retailers to shift to the cloud and to new digital platforms.

What are your thoughts on AI, good tech, and ethics? What are the obligations of businesses and governments?

We all want the world to be a better and safer place, and I believe it starts with business leadership respecting customers’ data and privacy rights.

Businesses should go above and beyond their normal conduct to be more socially responsible. When it comes to artificial intelligence and data-driven applications, special effort must be made to protect consumers and employees.

We just had COP26; what do senior executives need to do to make a meaningful impact on sustainability and the environment?

Executives should invest in green technologies and take a proactive approach to environmental issues. Sustainability must be a top priority for businesses, and staff must be encouraged to think about environmental challenges. 

What are your thoughts on inclusion and diversity? What can CEOs do to increase their company’s diversity and inclusion? Is enough being done?

We need to be more open and accept other cultures, races, disabilities, religions, and backgrounds. Diversity will aid in creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

To date, diversity and inclusion initiatives have failed due to a lack of leadership engagement, in my opinion. Women make up only 24% of senior leadership roles globally, compared to 40% in China. We need to do better because women make up 45% of the workforce in the S&P 500. 

How are digital technologies disrupting businesses? What are some of the ways people can benefit from it?

Financial Services industry are at a critical point, the speed of technology innovation are evident, and the financial services industry is at a crossroads. To gain market share, banks recognise the need to transform at speed and scale. They also recognise that their legacy systems, mainframes, and monolithic applications are incompatible with the digital world. Financial services recognise the need for a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


In terms of developing sustainability, information technology, and diversity, what are the benefits for leaders?

To answer the complex challenges, we face today in society, we need people with different viewpoints. 

Leaders must embrace innovation at a rapid speed and scale to succeed. We need to build a more equitable society with a level playing field for everyone. To innovate and produce shareholder value and community benefit, we must develop future diverse talent and digital capabilities.